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Tom's Favorite Vermont Rivers

The Battenkill River

The classical trout river. One of America's most beautiful trout streams. Wild Brown and Brook trout challenge even the most skilled angler. Hatches are prolific and complex. Its excellent water quality and varied habitat make this river a great producer of trophy browns that are the brood stock sustaining a good population of smaller fish. The brookies are easier to fool, while the browns require a bit more effort and knowledge.

The Mettowee River

This is mainly a small, quick freestone creek. Unstocked since 1970, it holds a good population of wild rainbow and wild brown trout. Easy to wade, with good hatches all season long, this is a great classroom for the beginning fly fisher.

Both the Battenkill and Mettowee flow through the Taconic Mts. The marble and limestone in the region produce water of very high quality for self sustaining populations of wild trout and the insects that they feed on. If you have never experienced fly fishing with dry flies for wild trout, we can greatly improve your success and save you time learning the rivers' secrets.

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The Battenkill Angler Manchester Center, VT (802) 379-1444